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American Optical Company Dated 1935

Flying objects - chips and fragments of metal, flakes of scale and paint, pieces of other materials, splashes of liquids and particles of dust - present the chief industrial eye hazards.

Against all these hazards, the complete AO line provides a goggle - in many cases, a choice of several goggles - which offers the maximum protection.

All AO goggles designed for protecting eyes from impact are fitted with case-hardened, scientifically designed Super Armorplate lenses - so that all may be considered as having the same high efficiency in resisting impact.

The frames in which these lenses are mounted, however, offer a wide opportunity for choosing a type which will fit the conditions of the job; open-frame types, like ordinary spectacles, for jobs where hazards strike from the front or where all-round visibility is imperative, as for structural steel workers; side-protection types, for jobs where particles may strike from all directions; types for men who wear glasses, others for men exposed to liquid splashes, dust, etc.

Whatever the job, the AO line includes a goggle that fits it. The impact goggles in the AO line have descriptive material intended as a guide to an accurate choice. If there is any question, however, about the choice of any model for a particular job - play safe. Call in an AO industrial representative and let him put at your service (without any obligation whatever) the experience of the AO industrial division in “prescribing” for thousands of eye-hazardous jobs.


All AO goggles for impact-protection service are fitted with Super Armorplate lenses, the most nearly fracture-proof lenses which modern science has yet developed.

Super Armorplate lenses are made from the highest quality ophthalmic crown glass, optically ground, polished and inspected by the same processes - and to the same standards - used in finest AO ophthalmic lenses. They give clear, normal, comfortable vision. Surfaces are smooth, clean and clear free from the smallest bubbles, waves or scratches.

Yet every Super Armorplate lens is able to resist the impact of a 5/8” steel ball dropped on it from a height of 6 feet - a blow equivalent to the vicious impact of a flying rivet-head or sledge-driven chip. The scientifically determined, arching curve, together with a precision-controlled case-hardening process is responsible for this exceptional strength in Super Armorplate lenses, strength far exceeding that required by U. S. Bureau of Standards specifications.

Prescription lenses, for workers having defective vision, may be ground from Super Armorplate stock.

Lenses which cut out glare as well as resist impact are also available.

New 6-Curve Lens Has Extra Strength

The exception strength of the standard Super Armorplate lens is exceeded by from 75% to 100T in the new AO 6-Curve Super Armorplate lens. This lens, available in practically all AO goggles at only a slight increase in price, resists the impact of an object approximately twice as big - or flying twice as fast - as that which will fracture the standard lens. As in a stone or concrete arch, extra curve means extra strength.

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