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Taken from The Southbridge Evening News “Special DOD Supplement” dated Friday, March 31, 2000:

Although nearly all of what many people remember as the American Optical Company had left Southbridge by 1992, Southbridge Associates Limited Partnership, the real estate subsidiary of American Optical, still owns the facilities.AO is now based in Greenwich, Conn.Much of the 1.25-million-square-feet of office and manufacturing space has been rented or leased to other firms.When the former Main Plant is replaced in 2001 with a 204-room hotel, conference center and U.S. Department of Defense offices, then most of the space in the former AO complex will have been filled.


This is a list of the companies and organizations renting or leasing space there today:


•AO Lens Co., Prosthetic Eye Center, SAIC Science Applications International Corp., U.S. Defense 

Department Finance and Accounting Center all in the former Main Plant;


•Southbridge Credit Union, China Imports storage; 14 Mechanic St.

•Franklin Realty Advisors, Inc., Franklin Management Services, Industrial Vehicle Maintenance, former 


Building 5, 5 Optical Dr.


•Stonebridge Press, Inc., printers of the Southbridge Evening News and other area newspapers; 

25 Optical Dr.


•AO Lens Co. distribution, AO Lens Co. receiving and shipping, Imperial Spring Co., Inc., Spencer 

Products, Inc.; 15 Wells St.


•Aearo Co. office and manufacturing and Aearo Vision Care; 35 Optical Dr.


•AOtec, LLC offices and research and development; 40 Optical Dr.


•AO Lens Co. ophthalmic sales and marketing, Wilden Machine Co., AO Eyewear/Sunwear USA, Inc., 

and the Center for Advanced Fiberoptic Applications; 50 Optical Dr.


•Southbridge Power & Thermal, LLC; 60 Optical Dr.


•Aearo Co. central receiving, 10 Cabot St.


•Aearo Co. storage; 5 Wells St.


•AOtec, LLC, ALSCO Industries, Inc., Aearo Co. offices, plastic molding, manufacturing and 

warehousing, Spec-Elec Plating Corp.; 25 Case St.


•Center of Hope (Noress Corp., N.E. Subcontractors Service); 5 Case St.


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