Flood Control Funds Urged By S. T. Sheard


On May 7, 1957, S. T. Sheard spoke before the Public Works Subcommittees of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees in Washington to urge them to approve and even increase the flood control appropriation asked for by the Corps of Army Engineers.These include four inseparable flood control projects:East Brimfield and Westville on the Quinebaug, and Buffumville and Hodges Village on the French.


Mr. Sheard was elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Quinebaug-French River Manufacturer’s Association in mid-February to replace W. A. Stewart, AO’s former president, who resigned.


In addressing the members of the Committee, Mr. Sheard said:“...Although the modest $4,577,000 requested would bring the combined projects only to 36 per cent completion (based on latest cost estimates), we accept the engineer’s judgment that this amount is as much as could be prudently spent during the coming fiscal year.

“In this connection, however, we would like to point out the economic advisability from the Federal government’s viewpoint, of completing these projects as speedily as possible.Cost of completion of the four projects was estimated in 1955 at $18,840,000.Today it is $21,750,000, an increase of 15.5 per cent.Of the budgeted $4,577,000, therefore, $2,910,000 could be said to be making up for cost increases.”


What WE Can Do


On his return from Washington, AO NEWS asked Mr. Sheard what we here can do to help speed action on these projects which will prevent a recurrence of the 1955 flood damage.Here is his statement:“I was very well received by all the Senators and Representatives whom I contacted.However, because they are very busy people, and also because of the present economy pressure on Congressional Appropriations, I would urge that people living in this area contact both their Senators and Representatives, urging the passage of appropriations for the Quinebaug-French Rivers Flood Control Projects.”


Where To Write


Write the elected representatives of your area, if you want to urge them to vote for passage of appropriations for the Quinebaug-French Rivers Flood Control Projects.

Senators from Massachusetts:

The Honorable Leverett Saltonstall, 

The Honorable John F. Kennedy

United States Senate,

Washington, D.C.

Senators from Connecticut (same address):

The Honorable Prescott Bush

The Honorable William E. Purtell

U. S. Representatives from Connecticut:

The Honorable Horace Seely-Brown

The Honorable Antoni N. Sadlak (Rep. at Large)

The House of Representatives,

Washington, D.C.

U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (same address):

The Honorable Philip J. Philbin

In writing, be sure to give your name and address as they appear on the voting list.