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Dave LaMarre

During the 1980's, I worked closely with Dave on a number of ophthalmic and military lens designs, as well as on Standards issues. During that late 1980's, Dave, Don and I worked on design software for aspheric lens surfaces. Dave also designed a number of specialized military polycarbonate lens designs. One included a 20 Diopter curve plano and Rx polycarbonate gas mask lens for Apache Helicopter pilots. Looking at these today, they certainly were an achievement!

Dave also was an industry expert on impact resitstance, and chaired the ANSI Z87.1 Industrial Safety Standard. The 1987 Standard was in large part, a result of Dave's efforts.I was very fortunate to have worked with Dave; he left AO in 1989, and worked for Gentex prior to his sudden death in Feb 1992

1979 - Dick Whitney (L) and Dave LaMarre (R)

The AO Toric surface - Don Whitney and Dave LaMarre

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