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Dr. Estelle Glancy
Honoring Dr. Estelle Glancy- AO Lens Designer who was far ahead of her time!

Her 1933 Product idea for Patent Application - New 'Trifocal'



2010 photo showing round segment in middle of lens as postioned. Zones are apparent, but actually as worn image is not bad.


1920 Measurments on a Progressive Lens - Dr. Estelle Glancy

Dr. Estelle Glancy's 1924 AO US Patent on for a Progressive Lens

Dr. Glancy 1933 Patent image re: Decentered Optical centers!

Fred Joslins recalls Dr. Glancy's Advice to a young man

Dr. Glancy's 1938 Junior Lensometer manual
New 3-Mar-08 (2.2 Mb pdf file)

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