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As best can be determined, this is the present status of the AO Norman Rockell Paintings. Special Thanks to Tim Tillyer and the Norman Rockwell Museum for their assistance in this effort.

The following two painting are now owned by Pfizer (formerly Warner Lambert); they were moved from AO Southbridge Main Plant to Morris Plains, N.J. in the early 1980's. This occurred prior to Warner Lambert's sale of AO in 1982.


The following is in a privately owned collection:

The location of this painting of the boy (below) is not known.
Should you know its whereabouts, please contact either Dick Whitney at 774-230-8016 or the Norman Rockwell Museum.

The location of the "Women in the Red Cloche Hat"  is also a mystery.

Private collection

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Mike Leck's correspondence he had with Norman Rockwell in 1972!!! 

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Stoops Series of 4 Paintings

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