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Herbert Morton Stoops - Famous Series of 4 Optical Paintings

The 4 originals are now on Display in the Optical Heritage Museum
Come see them in person and view the slumberous artifacts used in the original paintings!

Below are the descriptions on three of the 4 reprints.

Painting 1 - Watch Repair

Painting 2 - Eyes Examined

Painting 3 - Mail Order Specs

Painting 4 - The Spectacle Peddler

Brochure from 1986, when the replications of the paintings were last offered.

Below is the original of "Eyes Examined".



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Learn more about Herbert Morton Stoops

In researching the history of the Stoops paintings, John Young (Founder of the AO museum) wrote back to me with the following response:

"I only can tell you that AO hired the services of an unknown artist to render those painting in the early 30's to be used
as give aways in a professional promotion that they decided to have. If a
doctor signed up for AO exclusively they would get a set of the four of
these. The originals, as pictured, hung in the second floor rotunda at AO.
The others that were given away were much smaller."

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