Recollections of AO

Bob Briere recounts his story told at the
Dec 2009 AO reunion of an AO monoplex eye patient

Nice time Tuesday, Dick.

I told how a blind friend of an uncle from Providence back in 1948 used to come to the Nomar Plant for fitting and consultation as he had two glass eyes made by A/O.

He would come by the Interstate Bus and get off at the bus stop which was at the Columbia Hotel on Main Street. Using his white cane he would proceed up Main to Marcy Street where he would cross the road and walk down to Nomar. When finished he would reverse the route and take an Interstate bus from Liggets Drug Store back to Providence. Both ways unassisted except for the white cane.  He was an amazing man.

I apologize for not remembering his name. I'm thinking it was Ernie, but not sure. I was a freshman at Mary E. Wells and that is how I remember the year.

Stephen Haddad and his recollections and involvement with AO Monoplex Eye - New August 10, 2010


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