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Quote from AO News Friday, February 9, 1940.

"In 1931 it became necessary to discontinue the publication of American Optical Life or, as it was called during its earlier years, Wellsworth Life.  That this publication, during its sixteen years of existence made a real contribution is evident from the number of requests and suggestions that have been made for a similar publication.  Hence, American Optical News and this first issue marks the beginning of what we hope will prove to be a well-liked and valuable feature of AO life.

As the name implies, this will be a newspaper of the American Optical Company and American Optical people.  This paper will try to help make the nearly 4,000 Southbridge AO people better acquainted with one another to the end that the many friendly relationships already existing among us may be increased and strengthened.

Realizing that our welfare and success as individuals are dependent upon the welfare and success of the American Optical Company, for which we work, this paper will bring to us news and information about our Company, its business, its decisions, its policies and its progress.  Thus will we all have a better knowledge of the American Optical Company and all the principles for which it stands.

Occupying the position of the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of optical merchandise our company is constantly making news in which all of us may be interested.  It will be one of the jobs of this paper to bring this news to us. By means of what, in newspaper language might be called feature stories, this paper will print general and specific information about the Company, our processes and our products.  We hope that as a result all of us will have a better understanding of the optical business and part which is played in it by the American Optical Company.

In attempting to develop an even greater acquaintanceship and spirit of friendliness among all of us in Southbridge there will be printed in each issue as much news as possible about AO people.  This news will include the important events and incidents that occur in our lives as well as the activities of our departments and our organizations.  This type of news will be gathered by a group of AO people serving as reporters and located so that all departments are covered.  In agreeing to make this important contribution toward the successful life of the paper these friends of ours are performing a real service for all of us.

It is our hope that every AO person in Southbridge will consider this paper as his or her paper and will feel free to make constructive criticisms and suggestions for its continual improvement that all of us may profit from its publication.

Ira Mosher, Vice President and General Manager

Margaret Morrissey

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