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A diary entry of Azelia Edson - Aug 9th, 1867!

The oldest "AO Recollection" to date (see entry below this intro)
R.H.Cole's business became AO in 1869

June 19, 2009 Email from Bob Briere:

Hi Dick. I received a call last evening from two ladies doing genealogical research. One is from Kentucky, her sister is from Ohio. Included in the discussion was her willingness to copy pages, copied from a diary, she had received from a relative. I assume it was a young lady who wrote the diary and she is desceribing in part a visit to this area. I could not pinpoint where she stayed but assume it was either Southbridge or Sturbridge. I am sending some of this material.

1).  An introductory letter describing the transcription of the diary .
2). The person's name who wrote it and how her relationship relates to Sturbridge.
3). The page telling of her visit to the spectacle shop telling how spectacles were being made there.

At their request-----
If you use it in the Museum would you please acknowledge the fact to:
      Roger and Barbara Dick
      13140 Vineyard Road
      Huntley IL 60142

They may provide you with an image of the actual diary.   Barbara is a relative to Azelia.

Shown below is the entry of her visit to Mr. Coles Spec shop


This is one of George W. Wells many inventions (~1880's), used to stretch metal eyewire.
George worked for R.H.Cole and gained experience in making frames at this time.

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