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American Optical and its workers



From AO news 1970s vol 2, no 7

1888 Photo of AO Main plant and workers

The AO Finance Office as it appeared in 1917 - Photo courtesy of Rosemary Simmonds

Recognize Anyone?  AO C Baseball Team from 1919

AO Management Photo by the Main Plant - ~late 1920's early 1930s
Donated by Jim Alden

AO Parts Dept outing - July 1939 (Courtesy of Jonathan Krach)

Download 1945 AO People booklet (17mb pdf)

Yvette (Martel) Peloquin in AO Lens Polishing operation - late 1940s
(photo courtesy of Yvette Peloquin)

1951 - Rita Hmay working on stiching for cases

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 A Janitor in the Main Plant in 1941 and group below

And the winner was...
Help me identify the women and the winner from 1948!
Printable pdf file

1959 AO News 

Al Watson photo of meeting in mid 1960s - comments below.
The picture of Harding Jenkins (facing us) includes Victor Kniss at Harding's right,
Frank Hurley at extreme right, Ray Stevens leaning over Harding, Don Hoyt to the left with face partially hidden,
and a couple of men who are unidentified

Glass Research testing - 1962

June 1964

AO News 1967 Photo of Dr. Dick Hovey and mention of
AO's photochromic technology work 14 years before Photolite

In Memory of - Honoring deceased AO Employees

Recollections of Former AO Employees
Check back for update soon - Stories are welcome!

Photos of AO Employees in the 1920's ?

AO Reunion in 2002 at the Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

AO Clubs

AO Quarter Century Club

AO Fire Department

AO's Medical Department

AO's Ophthalmic Lens Designers
Dr. Tillyer, Dr. Estelle Glancy, John Davis, Don Whitney, etc.

AO Frames Sales Force of 1947

AO R&D 1978 photos by Don Whitney

AO Central Testing Laboratory - 1975 Dick Whitney Photos

AO QC Dept Xmas Lunch at Roms- Dec 1979


Click here for an Excel file with names of those identified in the above photo Collage

AO Reporter Magazine from 1972 New 18-Feb-10
download pdf

A Tribute to Rom's after 56 years - last day August 31, 2008
Thanks for the Memories!!!

Dick Whitney 

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