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American Optical and its workers

AO Central Testing Laboratory
Building 2L , 4th Floor North



Page from 1980 Ad for AO's new Permalite coating. Al Watson shown at top (Frame Strain test) and
Bob St.Onge conducting AO Salt Fog test in Central Testing Laboratory on the forth floor of 2L (lens plant)

Stan "Edwards" Szydlik
In memory of Stan (April 13, 2017) - he will be missed!

Sue and Nancy

Bob St. Onge

Bernie Krysinski

Bernie and Stan during their busier times in the Central Testing Lab



Joe Cool in his AO FG58's

Which one is the monkey?

The color photo taken in Dec 2006 (above) was shortly before the Building was closed and
I moved my office to a new location in the center of Southbridge.

In the Central Test Lab (my first job at AO).
Photo on the left taken around 1974 (when I started), and again in 2001.
I haven't changed too much have I?

My offices/desks at during my career at AO

AO R&D 1978 Photos

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