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 Don Whitney Retirement party photos - May 1982 at Roms

Don Whitney, Milt Freeman, John Young, Sandy Neduksi Maisano, Dave LaMarre, Peg Whitney

Don, Jan and Dave LaMarre

Don Whitney speaking to Dr. Bernie Grolman with Jan Whitney and Bob Innis in background

Jim Reilly, Jim Duzlack, and Ron Niquitte

Deb Reich (Center), Dr. Jon Mass and Dr. Don Rotenburg

Luther Smith, Dr. John Winthrop, Dr. Bernie Grolmann, and John Davis (who hired Don Whitney at AO in 1947)

Bob St. Onge (back to), Deb Quellete, Art Brochu, Stan Szydlik, Alex Menyhart, ?

Bob Innis, Yvonne Splaine, Ina Pasay Dawson...

Bob Dargie,  Nick DeMauro, Arnie Simpson, Phil McCarthy...


AO R&D Department photos - 1978

In Memory of Diana D.(Langlois) Bastien (R&D secretary- Dec 3, 2008 Obit

  AO Central Testing Laboratory - 1975 Dick Whitney Photos

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