Taken from the Optical Journal-Review, June 15, 1933


The Research Laboratories of American Optical Company, best of all, illustrate its progressive spirit and its constant search for the new, the improved, and the scientifically correct optical product. Establishing these laboratories was a fond dream of George W. Wells. It is remembered that forty-five years ago he said to a group of friends:

“We shall spare no expense on scientific research until those who most need them shall have glasses of true ophthalmic merit.” These simple words of service grew into a mighty monument erected to prove their truth in 1909. The Research Division of American Optical was founded!

Here in this modernly equipped laboratory, discoveries that have changed the whole course of optical invention have been conceived or made possible - and today the genius of science, through the aid of modern equipment, is establishing new horizons of achievement toward which the optical profession is steadily advancing guided by improved methods and instruments perfected in the AO laboratories. Today, John M. Wells, grandson of the founder of American Optical Company, is research manager. Edgar D. Tillyer, D.Sc., is director of research, and a staff of mathematicians, physicists, chemists and metallurgists make up a total staff of 20 research workers in these laboratories.

Modern facilities, such as Helmholtz, Donders, and Kepler never dreamed of, are found in the AO Co. laboratories to stimulate efforts of these talented men.

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