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Recollections of Southbridge

AMES Dept Store History -
Birth in Southbridge and unfortunate demise in 2002

1959 picture of Dick Whitney in front of the Original Ames Department store (Don Whitney photo)

Ames Fan Club - New Added 15-Apr-08

April 15, 2008 Research results (Courtesy of  Margaret Morrissey - JEL Adult Services Librarian)

Jacob Edwards Library has a scrapbook documenting the strike that eventually led to the closure of the plant on February 12, 1935 - the headline reads: "Hamilton Mill is sold to Stevens interests". A Mr. Ames Stevens of the United States Bunting Co. of Lowell was mentioned as the spokesperson.  At that stage " No decision has been made as to a new name for the mill." but as we know it became known as Ames Worcested and operated until sometime in the 1960s, in the Mill Street/Main Street of Globe Village in the west part of town.

I sent an article electronically already, from Time with the title A Shocked Southbridge"

The following articles are from the Southbridge News. Thanks to the News for permission to reprint, and to Cindy Capillo for providing them to me from her Dad's (Joe Capillo) collection of articles.

Text of Southbridge News announcing the first Ames opening  - March 13, 1958

Ames Announced the closing of all stores - August 20, 2002

Recollection of Ames Southbridge

Ames Sturbridge MA plaza, as it appeared in its final Days -
Oct 2002 (30 years after this location opened!)

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