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The Baptist Church Building / History

Baptist Church - 1954 (photo by Don Whitney)
The photo shows the Jacob Edwards Library  prior to its 1966 addition.
The YMCA building is just in the corner (Soda Candy sign). It was razed in the 1975.

Interior view looking south.  Rose window obscured.  View of some of the other stained glass on west side of the building.

Photos on June 9, 2007 Inside the Baptist Church during the Southbridge Fest

Left photo- North view of choir area of the church, addition to the building in 1887.
The ornate wooden altar is in the background  with the stained glass triptych.
Deacon Raymond Petrelli is in foreground in Revolutionary War dress.

Right photo - Interior view of north west corner of the building, with stained glass window in the background.

Group of parishioners of the Central Baptist Church in Revolutionary War dress.
Shown left to right: Lona Blodgett, Evelyn Petrelli and Decon Raymond Petrelli.

Evelyn Petrelli documents the Poll Parish

Marker on the Central Baptist Church in Southbridge

Central Baptist Church Historical Tour document below was handed out during Southbridge Fest, June 9th, 2007; it was compiled by Lona Blodgett

Pdf Printout of above

Family friend Rev. Robert Crist at the Baptist Church door in 1954- Don Whitney Photo (Jan Whitney with white hat).
Ths photo is of the Front entrance to the Central Baptist Church.  Carl Olson shown in the foreground.

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Family friend and former Baptist Minister Bob Crist (1950s)

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