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Dad Whitney's Cousin Bob Visits Southbridge - 10/20/99

Bob Whitney at Dad's Ham Radio Desk -
Couldn't Help Thinking of Dad and the quote below; I am sure he would have been happy to see this!

In January 1999, Bob Whitney read Dad's Autobiography on the web.
He (Bob) then wrote the following to me:

"One paragraph in you father's memoir is very interesting to me. Speaking of
my father, Donald W. Whitney, your Dad writes:

"Donald had three sons: Bobby, John, and Bruce. We saw them fairly
often, and I remember as I grew older being concerned when they would
all descend on our house. I was very protective of my possessions , and
they represented a threat to their integrity."

Bob then wrote this to me about Dad's comments:

"Your Dad had good reason to be protective - and I (the oldest Newton cousin)
was his real problem. It must have been bad enough to have three younger
roughneck cousins - competitive and raucous - descend upon your private space
on a Sunday afternoon. But to have one of them pathologically envious of some
of your possessions - well - I think your Dad's words are generous. When your
father got his RF Modulator and began broadcasting to the neighbors, I
pestered my father constantly to take me over to play with cousin Donald."

Dads WWI army soldiers and autos.
These were among his treasures that he guarded from his cousins!


Peg Greets Bob!

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Family photos from Bob (2009)


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