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"Our Town" -
The History of Southbridge as told by Mrs. Latour's class at Charlton St. School

On March 15, 2001 the students of Mrs. Latour's Class (Grade 3) at Charlton St. School performed their play "Our Town". It chronicled the history of Southbridge, and there were several skits that were very clever. The students and faculty of Chartlon St. who were involved are to be commended!

The Student recreated Senator John F. Kennedy's visit to Southbridge on September 30, 1958. The background props were complete with the Southbridge Sign and Billis Diner sign, as shown in the famous photo of his visit. Click the above photo to see a copy of this picture, which I took (with permission) of the one hanging in the present Billis's.

The students also recreated the 1955 WESO flood broadcast, using the audio tape that Bob Haynes provided to me. You can listen to an excerpt, or go to the Jacob Edwards Library to borrow a copy of the 45 minute tape.

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