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The Famous Pajama Story - May 1969

Mom, Dad and I traveled to Florida in May of 1969. We stayed in North Miami, but made plans to visit Dad's Uncle (Donald W. Whitney) and his second wife Ginny. Donald W had made plans for us all to eat out at a Fancy Pompano Beach restaurant. We had spent the day touring this area and visiting with Don and Ginny. When we thought about supper and the dress code (which did not include shorts), Dad realized that we had a problem. He was in shorts, and his long pants were back in the N. Miami hotel room. Since supper time was fast approaching, Dad apologized but stated that we had better cancel going to the Restaurant planned. His uncle Donald W. was not of the same height and weight as Dad, so the first thought of trying on his slacks was quickly ruled out.

As almost a joke, Donald W. suggested to Dad : "What about my pajamas?" After the first reaction to dismiss the suggestion, Donald brought out these plain blue cotton pajama bottoms with a drawstring. The drawstring answered the waist difference issue between Dad and Donald, but Dad was also taller. Almost as a joke, Dad tried on the pajama's. They fit enough to get by, and we had more fun with this situation.

At the restaurant, Donald W. went out of his way to be sure Dad was noticed, including making him get up to take a group picture of the rest of us at our table. Anything to draw attention to Dad. While I expect "you had to be there", this was the highlight of our trip to Florida. Shown below are the photos I had taken that evening.

Dad in Donald V's Pajama Bottoms - May 1969

Donald W, Ginny, Jan and Don

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