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Dad (Don Whitney) and Dick Whitney

Some miscellaneous articles / presentations I have authored with regard to Ophthalmic Optics:

1.) Dick Whitney Power 2007 & 2008 point slideshows on ANSI Z80.1 and ISO Mounted pair power tolerance schemes:

    a.)  2008 Slideshow on US Lens Measurement (Power) practices / OAA Response

    b.) 2007 Slideshow demo issues with tolerancing both Meridional Powers as per ISO and ANSI 1995 Standards (320k pps file)

    c.) 2007 Slideshow on historical background to change in ANSI to comply with ISO (5mb pps file)

2.) Technical Historical information on low cylinder powers and the ANSI Cyl axis tolerance for finished Rx's-

Dick Whitney paper on the evolution of and justification for the ANSI Z80.1-2005 cylinder axis tolerance revision

Darryl Meister Technical Paper on Cyl Axis

3.) Aspheric Lens Design article (2.5 mb pdf) and Design paper for Aspherlite (my first AO Aspheric Design) (13.5 mb download)

4.) Basic Ophthalmic Optics Slideshow (2.8 mb pps file)

5.) The influence of CR-39 (sixty years after its introduction) - 2006 article by Dick Whitney

6.) AO History Chronology Slideshow -8mb Download of executable

Aside from having been mentored by my father, I also benefitted greatly from working with Dave LaMarre and Dr. John Winthrop.

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