Don Whitney - In Memoriam (1925-1998)

Dad passed away from complications due to Myelodisplastic Syndrome on July 9, 1998. He had a full life, and was at peace at the end. At his Memorial Service, exerpts from his autobiography were read. Following the service, we had a number of people ask for copies, so that is why I eventually published them by starting this website. We invite you now to learn more about his life and humerous stories.


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Tribute to Dad - 10 years since his death (July 9, 1998)
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Dad's Obituary as it appeared in August 1998 in Vision Monday (Ophthalmic Industry Magazine).
Rev. David Christensen, a close family friend delivered a eulogy at his memorial which captured much about him.

Dad's Correspondance with Jack Lemmon

Don Whitney Autobiography page

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Don Whitney's Ophthalmic Optics Papers.

Dad and the Pajama Bottom Story

"Little Willie" Poems

Cousin Bob and Whitney Relatives

Dad and Ham Radio


Dick Whitney - Autobiographical Stories

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