Don Whitney and his 1957 photo session
with Bettie Page

In memoriam - Bettie Page
Dec 11, 2008

See the August 1998 Rolling Stone Magazine Cover inspired by this photo

This portion of my website was begun in July 2006, eight years after Dad (Don Whitney's) death.
This entire website got its start when I wanted to publish his autobiography and photos that he took through the years.
A few weeks ago I saw viewed the film "The Notorious Bettie Page" with friends; it was and amazing film,
and I understand from the website that the DVD will be out in Sept 2006. Check it out!

Following the experience of seeing that film, I decided to start this portion of my website.
Dad was most proud of his photos and had several published in the 1997 book where his
rememberances appear on pp. 74-81 of Bettie' Official Biography whose cover is shown below.


I also have recently found several letters Dad wrote to Bettie and his contacts on Bettie. Here is a paragraph from a letter he wrote to Bunny Yeager:

"I had the great good fortune of having a private session with Bettie Page at a New York studio back in the mid 1950's.  I took 20 exposures on Ektrachrome film, and processed them myself.  Recently I have had those slides transferred to Kodak Photo CD, and I marvel at how good they really are.  Betty was a fantastic model and, as you point out, it was almost impossible to take a poor photo of her.  The camera I used at the time was a Kodak Retina IIa or IIIC (I traded up about that time, and I can't be sure which one it was).  Without the aid of modern automatic cameras, and with my limited experience at color processing, I am quite proud of my accomplishment  (I was a physicist at the time, in New York on business, and photography was just my hobby.)  The real credit, though, must go to Bettie who did so much to make the session successful.  I remember, following the shoot, we walked together for a short distance from the studio on West 56th Street, down Broadway for few blocks where we parted company.  That is the last I saw of her, but I am tickled at the recent resurgence on interest in Bettie Page."

I just discovered this in Dads collection of Bettie Page items! Posted 24-Oct-11

Aug 8, 2011 Update-
I just located Dads original 20 slides from his photoshoot with Bettie. Stay tuned!

Note: my new 2011 email is

A farewell tribute to Dad was posted by Dave Holle on his Bettie Page site. It is still there, and states:

Don Whitney passed away on 9-Jul-98. The space he left behind is filled with great memories, and I'm glad he shared some of them with all of us (including his rare color photos) on pp. 74-81 of Bettie's official biography. Don, we miss you. "

Listen to Dad and Bettie in a 1996 Internet Radio interview
3mb mp3 audio file

Check out Bettie's 1997 Xmas note to Dad

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