The 1955 Flood by

Evelyn (Mrs. Albert) Petrelli
July 26th, 2000

It was fascinating to hear Bob Haynes recording (available to borrow at the Jacob Edwards Library) of the 1955 Flood in Southbridge and the area. W.E.S.O. radio station, was in its infancy, and we were a young couple with three sons in their childhood. The youngest only 8 months old. When we woke that morning you could just feel this was a powerful storm, and we turned on WESO radio to hear about it. Second we ran all the water we could store in the bathtub and washing machine and set tubs, because we lived on North Woodstock Road, and loss of power meant our water well pumps wouldn't work. After critical preparations, someone in our neighborhood went down the 2 1/2 mile journey to see if we could get into town - we could not because of the flooding at the rotary; so we made a quick run to Trasks' Store in North Woodstock and got the supplies we could, to tide us over. We were without water for more than three days and after the power went out, listened to the car radio, occasionally, to keep up on developments. I seem to remember that it took almost a week to get up town and go to work again. But the weather was warm, and we worked it out, and thanked the Lord that we didn't suffer as badly as so many others.

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