The 1955 Flood
Brian Chipman

Wow!  Brings back a number of memories.  I was 12 at the time but remember
it well.  Woke up that morning and we had a basement full of water.  Dad
wanted to go down to the plant...he was a supervisor at the AO in Lensdale,
and get a sump pump.  He and I did but barley got out as we were rounding
the rotary and saw a considerable wall of water coming down Mechanic Street
and a three story tenament floating in the middle of the street.

The flood saw a lot of damage in the Globe area as well.  I can remember
Zero Gauthier keeping everyone off of West Street below School Street.  Big
Pond was flowing over the wall on West Street and was a River right down
through the Globe.  Zero was the Custodian at West Street School and an
auxilliary policeman.  Ouw neighbor told the story of what happened when the
dam let go in the Globe.  He was standing talking with Zero and it let go
with a roar.  He said he never thought that Zero could move that fast.

All the bridges were washed out except the Central Street bridge.  It
couldn't be used because the road was washed out on both sides.  Electricity
was off for at least 5 days and we were delighted because Art at Art's Spa
gave away his ice cream.  The only way out of twon was by hlicopter or
through Bigelow Hollow.

We used to have a picture of the bridge giving way in Westville.  If I can
find it next time I visit with my mother, I'll email a copy.

Thanks again...really enjoyed it.

Brian Chipman
Colorado Springs, Co.  80917

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