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New map of Historic Southbridge - Added May 11, 2010

Download Historic Map of Southbridge
14mb zip file for pdfs
Florencia Sangermano/Future of Southbridge

Florencia  Working on Southbridge Maps at an FOS meeting

Optical Heritage Museum display of WWI items at Savers Cooperative Bank - May 2010
  Thea Marcoux - SCHOTT Fiber Optics Southbridge

Thea Marcoux of SCHOTT North America, her Window display (Jan 19, 2010)

Some questions answered about the Open Meeting law...

"The Open Meeting Law does not apply to a chance meeting,
or a social gathering at which matters relating to official business are discussed so long as no final agreement is reached.
Nor does it apply to an on-site inspection of a project or program by a governmental body." booklet on Open Meeting Law

Photos from Dec 10th Meeting

Putnams Delpha Very discusses Economic Developmennt issues


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FOS Southbridge Windows Project - A look back

Display for Famous people & Southbridge- Designed by Donna Silverberg , Dick Whitney


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The main focus of this group is to look toward the future of Southbridge rather than being stuck on the negativity of the past.
We prefer to accentuate all the positives that our town has to offer to its residents, potential residents and business prospects.
We respect differing views and opinions which will make us more knowledgable to the issues at hand.
Download SEN April 9, 2008 Article ( pdf file)

Monique Manna taking minutes



'Stubborness does have its helpful features.  You always know what you are going to be thinking tomorrow."  ~Glen Beaman

My Top Ten List - Positive things about Southbridge