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Southbridge Downtown Window Display project
Brought to you by:

FOS,  Optical Heritage Museum, Southbridge Downtown Partnership,
and the Town of Southbridge (Economic Development)

Southbridge Artist Trish Obrien paints a new mural (April 21, 2010)

Optical Heritage Museum display of WWI items at Savers Cooperative Bank - May 2010

More about these WWI Toy army soldiers

Become involved and help with the next set of displays for 2010
Contact Dick Whitney for details

Interactive map shows present and future window displays
Balloon Icon show areas of present displays
Click on map below to browse!

View Southbridge Window display locations in a larger map

Downtown Window Display Application form

Southbridge Author Shawn Cormier and displays his Nomadin Book Series

Thea Marcoux of SCHOTT North America, her Window display (Jan 19, 2010)

Night View shows the beauty of the Fiber Optics display

Southbridge SCHOTT Fiber optics employees
L to R- Robert Hughes, Brigitte Esposito, Julie Zuidema and Thea Marcoux

Thea Marcoux of SCHOTT North America, Inc. demonstrates a
SpectraStream Glass Fiber Optic Lighting Harness

Brigitte Esposito and Thea Marcoux prior to SCHOTT window display setup - January 19, 2010

AO Lensometers now on display

Read about the planned AO Sculpture to be erected in the Spring of 2010


Donna Silverberg works on a display wall.
Read about the women in the Nov 1965 cover Donna is posting

The names at left on the wall are from the AO In Memory of ...
More are to be added as we accumulate them

Southbridge News-  18-Nov-09

Come  see Southbridge resident Tom Lapriore's original artwork

Installing Trish Obriens Artvork

Come see the Display for Famous people now at old Columbia Building on Main St - Designed by Donna Silverberg , Dick Whitney

Debbie Gregoire - Lefebvre's Star Trek poster- soon to be displayed along with
Local Artists work at the former Goodwins building- Check back soon!


Check local listing for Windows photo slideshow on Southbridge Cable Access channel
Shown above - Paul Zotos (Dec 29, 2009)

Poster Photos of Main Street

Special thanks to Hyde Tools for poster photo enlargements,
other prints courtesy of Village photo/Optical Heritage Museum

Coincidentally, see this NYTimes article on Vacant Storefront useage for Artists!

FOS Window Display project kickoff - window cleaning/planning Sept 26th


My Top Ten List - Positive things about Southbridge

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