Statement from Gene E. Lewis, President of

American Optical Corporation

Article Taken from 1983 Special Supplement of The News:

 “1983 is a very special year for the people at American Optical. Not only are we celebrating 150 years of continuous business but our history goes beyond just counting the number of years. Since our very beginning in 1833, in a small spectacle shop in Southbridge, Massachusetts, American Optical has developed into a leading international optical company. Our products can be found in almost every country of the world.”

“Our 150 years have been spent on major technical contributions in all facets of the optical industry. These achievements range from the introduction of the first eyeglasses completely manufactured in the United States in the late nineteenth century to the development of twentieth century technology in soft contact lenses, safety equipment and impact resistant lenses. In addition, these accomplishments have always been in accord with the basic philosophy of AO since it was first established: Improvement in the quality of life for users of American Optical products.”

“Vision correction has always been the hear of the company’s success. In the early years, eyeglass lenses for vision correction were made to precise measurement for each individual - something unheard of until American Optical literally invented and ‘made from scratch’ the products and processes necessary. Vision protection and other safety-oriented products have expanded the role of AO in fulfilling our basic philosophy.”

“In recent years, products such as dust respirators, polycarbonate lenses, Septicon® soft contact lens disinfecting system, TruVision® progressive power lenses, Permalite® scratch resistance lenses and Photolite® photochromic lenses and extended wear soft contact lenses carry on the tradition of innovation and imagination.”

“150 years is a long time and we are very proud to have been contributing to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people during that time. But we clearly recognize the responsibility placed on all of us at AO today to not only maintain the traditions that have been established but to use them as a foundation upon which to build our next 150 years.”

Gene Lewis recalls the Ivory Tower

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