Hank Langmyer ( AO Scientific Instrument - Sales)
Recalls his time at AO

As for a short note on my remembrances:

Henry Burnett and Aubrey Crawford hired me the summer of 1957 after my

return from Army service, including a stint in Korea. I was trained for a

month, two weeks in Southbridge and two weeks in Buffalo.

I have fond

memories of Bob Bannon (Dr. Robert E. Bannon), Sal Gruposo and many others.

Bannon and I remained good friends until he died a few years ago. After

training I was assigned to the Cleveland and Cincinnati Sales Regions as an

instrument sales specialist. I spent time working for Bill Tillyer,

Pittsburgh Region Manager, son of "Doc". I went to Buffalo and worked in

the Ophthalmic Instrument department with Charlie Riley and later in

Scientific Marketing until I retired after 35+ years. The company name

changed many times and the people too. But what a great company AO was to

be a part of. We both served each other well.

In retirement, my new "industry is travel" all over the world. Hello to any friends who

may read  this.

Hank Langmyer, Orchard Park, N. Y.

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