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Jeff McKinstry (1951-2001)

Dick and Jeff -1954 on Litchfield Ave.

The following recollection is now included on this Youtube video (posted Mar 1, 2012)
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On May 16, 2001 I lost my best friend since childhood. We both grew up in the same neighborhood, and the Whitney and McKinstry family has fostered many close friendships thru each succeeding generation. Jeff and I were inseperable since our pre-school days, and Best Friends as long as I can remember. I knew his phone number before I memorized mine!

When I think of Jeff, I think of many things:

Mrs Mundell's Kindergarten Class at Trinity Church
(Read about our ride down West St, and our interest in the Church Steeple)

1st day as West St School / walked home for every lunch
Cub Scout Pack 135 in Fellowship Hall
YMCA Summer Day Camp
Playing in the Silo at his cousins Farm in Charlton
Wells Jr. High / recess in the middle courtyard, which we accessed thru the Window!
SHS Class of 1969 experiences and our Graduation
The many games we played (Golf, Badminton, Chess, Archery, Etc.)
Best Man at my wedding / I photographed his
Births of our children (Cory, Allyssa, Chris and Erica)
His wife JoAnne Babysat for our kids

Jeff and I graduating from Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten Class (I am 3rd from  the left, Jeff5th from the right)

Jeff and I playing on Litchfield Ave. in 1955

The trip to Martha's Vineyard in the mid 1950's - Whitney's and McKinstry's.
L to R - Jeff, Dick, Sue, Sissy (Jeffs Cousin) and Danny (brother)

Jeff and I playing Cribbage in 1966 and again in 1968 below

Photo I took of Jeff for 1969 SHS Yearbook

Jeff playing Ping Pong in our cellar in 1968

1999 Photo below of Jeff (left) and his brother Danny


Toy Soldiers Jeff and I played with as kids

Mom and "Auntie Esther" McKinstry
They will be missed!!!

Remembering Judy Leduc McKinstry Carmel - Jan 2013

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