By: Jim Foley - Chief of Security


One year before I retired after 21 years with the Mass. State Police, I had been offered the job at AO by retired Col. Carl Larson, a former commander of the State Police. When I knew I was going to work for AO when I retired, I took two courses in the Evening Division at Northeastern University in Boston on Government Security Programs as the AO was involved with Classified contracts with the Dept. of Defense in the late 1960ís to the mid-1970ís. Larson was working for AO as the Manager of Corporate Security since his retirement from the State Police in 1963.

When I came to work for AO in 1966, part of my responsibility was coordinating security requirements between AO and the Dept. of Defense every three months. I recall, very clearly, the first inspection by the DOD in the early part of 1966 when there were 5800 employees at AO Southbridge working three shifts and another 17,000 employees working for AO Worldwide. Every person in management had to have a security clearance in addition to those employees who were working directly with classified contracts. Most of these employees were involved with lasers and night vision projects during the Vietnam War.

Another of my responsibilities was interviewing and photographing each applicant for a security clearance. In the sixteen years I was involved in this work, I estimate I took at least 2000 photos and no one once told me that they liked the picture I took of them.

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