Don Whitney's

Correspondance with Jack Lemmon

For years Dad would periodically tell us of his time when Jack Lemmon the Actor was in his Public Speaking Class at Harvard. In 1995, Dad took Chris and Erica (my children) around Harvard and Harvard Square. While at the Harvard Library, he decided to look up Jack Lemmon. He found his name as an alumni and his office address. He decided at that time to write him of his recollections of that period at Harvard.  What follows are some of these letters:

Dad's Initial 1995 Letter to Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon's Response to Dad from the Set of "Grumpier Old Men"

Jack Lemmon's Note honoring Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary (June 21, 1947 - 97)

Jack Lemmon's Letter After Dad Writes him about how much he enjoyed the movie Long Way Home

Jack Lemmons Note of sympathy on Dad's Death

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The Section of Dad's Autobiography recalling his:

Harvard Days / Remembering Jack Lemmon

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Other favorite excerpts from Dad's Autobiography (written in 1997 -98):

Notes from Don's father
On being sent to Summer Camp
Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard
Glenn Miller
Asbury Park
The Old Howard Prank
On Being Committed to a Psychiatric Ward
The Totem Pole
Engagement to Jan
Starting at AO as an Apprentice Lens Designer
Why Dick was once named David



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