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The Eagles of Marcy St. School
Updated to include information on the Demolition (July 1962)

Short Video clip of Don Whitney home movie in 1962

About the Demolition of Marcy Street School in July of 1962
Special Thanks to Evelyn Petrelli for researching this and finding the Demolition details!


Postcards from Paul Coiteux's collection

Marcy Street School -
What became of the 4 Eagles above each Archway? - by Dick Whitney
SEN Article (Dec 4, 2001)

If you are old enough to remember Marcy Street School in Southbridge, the first thing that may pop into your head is how difficult is was to demolish. It was located where the parking lot of Wells Jr. High is today. This building was a beautiful brick structure, as the Postcard image from Paul Coiteux’s collection shows. Today’s article relates to a less known item that adorned the building - the four Eagles above the arched entranceway’s to the building.

For some time now, I have had a personal curiosity to find out more about the Marcy Street School demolition, because of those Eagles! To find out why, I will take you back to the time soon after its demolition. Evelyn Petrelli has been researching the dates of Demolition for me, and found that the town authorized the building to be demolished in May of 1962. My sister Susan, was a teenager at the time, and she took an interest in the Eagles that were above each doorway. At the time of the demolition of the school, she wrote the Town a letter requesting if she could have one. To her surprise, they answered yes! Furthermore, the Southbridge News came to the house the day it was delivered and interviewed her. Being a typical teenager, she was startled and embarrassed by the publicity, but my mother made her submit to both an interview and photo. When asked what she was going to do with it, she replied that she “would paint it Gold and put it in the yard”, which is exactly what she did. This Eagle still remains in the family, and two more can be seen mounted in pillars aside the Eagles club in Southbridge.

(Note: the forth Eagle was found since this first article  - see below)

Sue and her Marcy St School Eagle - 1962

Two of the four Marcy St. School Eagles today



On tips from Dick Clemmence and Dick Harwood, the forth Eagle was located on a pond in Holland (See Below). I visited this house and talked with the present owner Doug Frechette. He moved there in 1996, and the wing was damaged at that time. The photo below on the left  was taken when I located this Eagle. The one on the right was emailed to me by Doug in Dec 2012 and shows how he has had it restored!!!


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