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Mary (Vecchia) Trifone Recalls the Flood of 1938 /AO

View from AO Main Plant to Print Shop
1938 Flood

        Dear Dick

        At the open house for the Town Library last May, you suggested I write
        you regarding AO history, and my experience at the time of the 1938
        flood and hurricane:

        The day following the Flood of 1938, I was approached by Phil Corish who
        requested I report to the AO to help in getting out the payroll.

        The Payroll Department was situated in the wing behind the clock tower
        on the third floor.

        Early afternoon the wind began to become quite gusty, then a gale, and
        the hurricane started in full force.

        I recall looking out the windows which gave a view of the back yard,
        between North Street gate and the brick building which housed the
        Carpenter Shop.

        There was a stand of trees on either side of the driveway, and the pine
        trees began to topple over.

        By late afternoon, the storm subsided.  We were warned about fallen live
        wires and cautioned to avoid them.

        Mary Yates Parrettie and I walked up North Street along Hamilton to
        Oliver where she lived and I continued to the top of Sayles Street hill.

        My family were safe, but half the roof was lifted and blown away.

        Mary (Vecchia) Trifone
        2 Spring St.
        Southbridge, MA 01550-3622

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