The New Research Building Article Taken From

American Optical News

Volume 13

August 21, 1952

AO’s people have been watching the progress of the work on the new Research Building with keen interest. There’s a natural curiosity about construction. We have often been amazed at the number of men and women who pause in the daily rush of big-city business to peek through the fence around building activities. We remember that during the erection of the famous John Hancock Building in Boston, the public was delighted with the “kibitzer’s corner” which was provided for them to watch the progress of the contractors. At AO, there are no fences to keep us from getting a close-up view of the construction. There are many spots from which we can observe the day-by-day changes which are taking place in the construction of our newest building on the bank of the Quinebaug.

There’s a definite fascination in watching these changes - the activities of the men, equipment and materials which will all contribute to the finished structure. There is, we think, even more fascination in looking at the new building from another angle...from the idea behind it and what it will mean to the Company, AO people, the Southbridge community and the world in general.

The housing of all AO’s Research facilities in their own building will help our researchists to continue their scientific probing and searching for new products, materials and improvements which not only contribute to the benefit of the ophthalmic professions, science, industry and human welfare, but directly add to the security and work possibilities of AO people. Through continued research, our Company maintains world leadership in its field; through research we can develop new and better ways to broaden production possibilities.

In addition, the new building will, through transferring personnel from Stamford, bring new citizens to the community. These men and women, many of them well known in the world of research, will add prestige to Southbridge as they have to AO.

As we watch the progress of the new Research Building, we see more than steel and concrete, bricks and mortar, future corridors and individual offices. We see better vision for men, women and children; better health and safety for industrial workers; progress in the fields of medicine, biology, electronics and many other spheres to which AO scientists in their new home will contribute increasingly. We see continued growth for American Optical Company, its customers and its people.

Walking home from Blg 17 (Research Building during the Blizzard of 1978)

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