In Early Days of Professional Eye Care

Painted By:Herbert Morton Stoops

In this painting the artist has pictured a scene typical of the early days when people who sought to improve their vision turned with increasing satisfaction to the pioneers in professional eye care.


Thinking beyond the self-conducted eye tests, exaggerated claims, and “extraordinary cures” so common to their day.These pioneers championed a new and greater service to humanity.Sensing the need and opportunity for more intelligent service, they refused to accept the traditionally haphazard, trial-and-error spec selling ways of the peddler, mail-order house, and watch repair spectacle shop but studies and applied themselves to the advancement of their knowledge and scientific skill in the care of eyes and eyesight.


Before eye care became a professional service, glasses were sold like so much merchandise.


People who had trouble with their eyesight - failed to see as well as they should - made their own choice of ready-made glasses.They tried on many pairs, found the ones that seemed best, gave the frames a twist or two to make them comfortable, and paid for the glasses without benefit of professional services.


But, today, all this is changed, thanks to the scientific progress so ably begun by the pioneers in professional eye care.

Now, in every community, care of the eyes can be entrusted to men whose advanced education and training, experience, and scientific equipment provide the knowledge and the means to conduct their practices on highly ethical standards of true professionalism.

Today, American vision is the best in the world, but primarily because the professional men who serve American eyes - Ophthalmologists, Optometrist, Ophthalmic Dispensers - have unceasingly carried on their vigilant study of eyes and eyesight and the scientific methods of improving them.


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