AO - Southbridge Main Plant History
A recent look inside the AO Main Plant Clock Tower
(Now the newly opened Southbridge Hotel)
Feb 27, 2002

Jan 2002, the Face of the Clock was reinstalled after being refurbished

The following photos were taken in the Clock tower on Feb 27, 2002. I had the opportunity to climb the ladder up into the workings of the clock. The light (at right) and the clock face from the inside clock are visible below.


Shown above is the central control which turns the shafts to the hands of the three clock faces.
The lamp on the lower right, is what illuminates the clock faces at night.

A close look at the gears turn by on of the shafts described above!

Click here for a snowy Feb 2002 view of the Southbridge Hotel from the clock tower

AO Main Plant History

Photos by Dick Whitney

Dick Whitney Apr 8, 2005 Update

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