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Photo in Fall of 2000, showing remaining front wall prior prior to reconstruction of the Southbridge Hotel

Construction as it progressed in 2000

Aerial Photos prior to Demolition - Bob Arnold Photos

Aerial photos of the site by Bob Arnold - Dem. & Const.


View Animated Images of Demolition

See progression of Demolition photo from April 20 - August 28 :

April 20, 2000
Initial Work (Asbestos Removal / Windows), Trees cut

April 24, 2000
More outside work

April 27, 2000
Excavation, Ready for Wrecking ball

May 2, 2000
Wrecking ball begins building 8 demolition
(center middle back bld in above drawing)

May 8, 2000
Building 7 now half demolished as well!

May 12, 2000
Continued Demolition

May 16, 2000
Looks like a War Zone!

May 22, 2000
The Tower with Flood Level Marks Demolished

June 1, 2000
The Demolition makes noticeable progress

June 5, 2000
Much is now gone

June 7, 2000
Not much left, hard to keep up with the Demolition Progress

June 15, 2000
The Brick Pile, Mechanic St, Foundation Starting?

June 21, 2000
Nearing final portion of Demolition

July 7, 2000
As it appears June / Early July
Includes Worcester Telegram Aerial View Photo

August 14, 2000
A new Access Road, Demolition basically completed

August 28, 2000
Back Stairwell of MP remaining building removed carefully

Model of the Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center prior to construction

Photo below of Actual Hotel and Conference Center

Image from

Info on the new Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

Articles from the Southbridge New Supplement (March 31, 2000):

Long Time In the Making (Chronology of DOD Facility)

Lobbying Effort - Includes account of Lobbying Effort of Clinton by Kennedy

 DOD Lease Signing Ceremony - March 31, 2000


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