AO - Southbridge Main Plant History

AO Main Plant History - The Plaques
Rededication Ceremony on May 28th, 2002 at the AO Reunion
Rev May 31, 2002

The following photos document the content and locations of three plaques that were located at the base of the Marble Staircase in the AO Main Plant. They were removed during the demolition & construction phase of the Southbridge Hotel, and are to be put back in their original location at the base of the Marble Staircase!

The Plaque presented by the town to AO in 1933:


The photo below of John Young shows the plaque and its location.


The George Wells Plaque:

Above is a close up, and the photo of the Wells plaque below shows it to be on the wall to the left when facing the stairs.


The American Optical Company Plaque:

The photo below shows the AO Plaque is on the right!

Dick Whitney May 31, 2002 Update

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