AO - Southbridge Facilities

The AO Southbridge Warehouse -

The above photo, taken in the 1970s - courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum

In operation from 1950 until 2001as AO's main distribution center

AO News - June 15. 1950 announces the opening of the Warehouse (Building 18 at that time)


August 1955 photo taken by Don Whitney after the Flood. The banking in front of the Warehouse showed significant erosion

1970's Color photos above coutesy of the Optical  Heritage Museum

Above B&W photos courtesy of Len Lataille -

AO Customer Service in the Warehouse- early 1990s  (Coutesy of Jeanine McElroy)

Photos of the last day of the AO Warehouse below (June 19, 2001)
Dick Whitney photos

Dick Whitney photos

AO Family Day photos from 1974 

AO 1959 Map of Southhbridge Complex
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Dick Whitney

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