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1955 Flood History

50+ years ago (1955-2005)

Don Whitney Slide Collection

The following images are a few taken from Dad's 1955 Flood Slide Collection. I recently discovered them, and have begun to preserve them.
Here are 4 examples of these images. (Dick Whitney)

I just discovered another slide tray of Dad's, where many photos of the Flat are of town were stored. Click here for a preview. T
his one is a view down Mechanic Toward AO. Note the 3 decker in the Road.

Click Here for More Slides

The Rotary with the AO Main Plant in the background during the 1955 Flood

East Main Street and the AO Pond overflowing.
Click on it for a similar view during the 1938 Flood (Courtesy of Jacob Edwards Library and the Southbridge Historical Society)!

The Flood Waters receed, a view of the river from inside AO's Campus

 Southbridge Damage in August of 1955 at 104 Mechanic St.
Click on the photo for a view as it appears in 2001

This view is of Mechanic Street, where the road on the left is North Street and the entrance to the AO complex is on the right. Pete's Cafe is where Panda Garden is now located, and one of the buildings is apparently falling into the river bed.

AO Flood Damage

AO Retiree Bob Haynes taped the WESO Radio Broadcast of the 1955 Flood.
Download Zip file here of WESO Radio Broadcast. This audio file is in wav format and has been zipped to 1/2 of the 1MB file size. It contains a dramatic segment where evacuation routes are being given and the siren in the center of Southbridge can be heard in the background.

More about the 1955 Flood

Dam info created after the 1955 flood:

East Brimfield/ Westville Dam Dedication brochure - 04-June-1960
Download pdf (7mb file)

Don Whitney photo of Bob Innis in August 1955 during the Flood; below in 2003 looking at this photo

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