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Southbridge, Massachusetts
1955 Flood History

50 years ago (1955 - 2005) !!!

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A view from the Train Tracks over East Main to AO

The Force of the raging river is evident!

The AO powerhouse was almost lost. So was AO, as they considered closing it in 1955!

 More About the Floods of 1938 and 1955

Southbridge Floods

AO Retiree Bob Haynes taped the WESO Radio Broadcast of the 1955 Flood.
Download Zip file here of WESO Radio Broadcast. This audio file is in wav format and has been zipped to 1/2 of the 1MB file size. It contains a dramatic segment where evacuation routes are being given and the siren in the center of Southbridge can be heard in the background.

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