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Recollections of Former AO Employees

Gene Lewis recalls the "Ivory Tower"

In 2002 I contacted Gene Lewis (Former President of AO).
He served at a pivotal period at AO, during the last period of Warner Lambert's ownership, the 150th Anniversary,
and its sale to M&R. Gene, at the time was 72, is CEO of Sterling Semi-Conductor, a company which he co-founded. It is located in the Washington DC area.

In June of 2011 I recieved word of Genes passing.

In our correspondance almost 10 years ago, Gene stated:

"I enjoyed talking with you and getting the latest information on the pieces
of AO.  My tenure with AO was one of the high spots of my business career.
Our conversation brought back many pleasant memories.  Thank you for all
your hard work to keep the memory of AO alive.  I just wish we could have
kept the company together, but I guess you can't expect that in today's world."

Best personal regards,
Gene Lewis

1983 Photo

Click Here for Gene's Recollection of the "Ivory Tower"

Dick Whitney

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