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Reunion of Former AO Employees -

AO Reunion Luncheon -
Formerly at Rom's Restaurant

Next AO Reunion Luncheon will be on Tuesday December 11th 2018-
11:30 - 1:30 - $20 Buffet meal

Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center 
More info or RSVP to
of call 774-230-8016

Shown below are photos from a variety of Past Reunions.
Come and join us, as all interested parties are welcome!!!

Hope to see you there!!!
Dick Whitney


AO Reunion Luncheon June 2015 above at Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

See AO Reunion of 2002 - First event at the Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

Dec 8, 2009 Photos

June 9th, 2009 AO Reunion photos

Walt Seigmund addresses the group at the Dec 9, 2008 Reunion

The Reunion Luncheon of December 10, 2002

John Davis addresses the crowd.
Harding Jenkins (blue collar) wins for coming from the farthest away - Boise, Idaho!

Bob Innis talks to the group.

Walt Seigmund  of Todd - AO and Fiber Optics fame

"Mike" Montigny, one of the many women who attended.

AO Reunion at Rom's - December 14, 1999

AO Reunion at Rom's - June 13, 2000

In memorium of longtime AO Employee, friend and AO and Wells High School
Reunion organizer
- Milt Freeman (Jan 26, 2001)


In Memory of - Honoring deceased AO Employees

Recollections of Former AO Employees
Check back for update soon - Stories are welcome!

Photos of AO Employees in the 1920's ?

AO Clubs

AO Quarter Century Club

AO Fire Department

AO's Medical Department

AO's Ophthalmic Lens Designers
Dr. Tillyer, Dr. Estelle Glancy, John Davis, Don Whitney,etc.

AO Frames Sales Force of 1947

AO R&D 1978 photos by Don Whitney

AO Central Testing Laboratory - 1975 Dick Whitney Photos

May 2009 Lensometer Display (courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum)
at the Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

The AO Reunion of May 28, 2002 (Southbridge Hotel)

AO Recollections Page

Remembering Roms - Closed Aug 31, 2008

Dick Whitney

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