American Optical History
Recollections of Former (and Present) Employee's
Ernie Bousquet

AO Employee from 1956-1993 (37 years)

On February 21, 1956 I got a job at AO in the Zyl working for Armand LaCross as a backorder clerk. One of the things I enjoyed most about the Zyl was when I met Billy Duhamel a ping-pong player of many years.  We talked for hours and hours about ping- pong.  Then I was transferred to Lensdale working for Jim Tanzy inspecting disk from there I got a job clearing 58 rounds under Eddy Lungstrum. Then we had a cutback and I went upstairs in prescription, building 2L working for George Nealy. Things started to pick up in the economy and I went back downstairs working for Walt Siegmund in the meniscus inspecting section and then with Leo Dumas and Frank Fose in the toric section.  Later I went back to clearing and at that time everyone was getting a better job.  I had a chance to go work in research under Colin Yates.  From 1961 to 1972 I worked for Colin.  Later I worked in the fiber optics working for Don Drogue, Henry Cole, Walter Seigmund.  In 1973 I left fiber optics and went back to AO working for John Winthrop and Dave Lamarre to set up a new optical shop until my retirement in 1993.  Then I worked part-time for Laser Inc. until the present time (2002). I met a lot of wonderful people, especially people who played ping-pong, like Armand Matt, Chuck DePaula, Loniel Lavoie, George Bard and many others.  I remember working mostly for Colin Yates, teaching me more than I ever thought I would learn.

AO Fiber optics 1970's photo; George Carpenter holding the scope, with Ernie Bousqet in the grey coat

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