AO - Southbridge Main Plant History
Construction of DOD Facility
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Jan 2, 2002
The Clock is being reinstalled after being refurished, nearly finishing all of the Renovations
for the Hotel / DOD center is now open to the public:
Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center
Rev Feb 19, 2002

Follow Construction Chronology:

 Visible Construction begins on Aug 28, 2000

Construction continues at fast pace Sept 5

More Photos Sept 8

A Lot of Progress in 10 Days Sept 18

The Fast Pace of Construction is obvious to all  Sept 27

The Lights are on NIGHT and DAY  Oct 11

 A further update  Oct 30

Now construction near the Remaining Facade Nov 2

More construction/ Where is the Road? Nov 11

Preparing for Winter Nov 21

Frame of Building nearly completed Dec 10

Frame of Now Complete / Dedication Ceremony Dec 18, 2000

First Views after the Snow Fall / New Year Jan 2, 2001

The Walls begin to be erected!!! Jan 16, 2001

The Facade support braces are down, much progress since last update
Feb 27, 2001

The Windows are now being installed on the DOD Complex
March 12, 2001

The Outside of the DOD Complex adjacent to river nearly complete
March 27, 2001

Behind the Main Plant Facade Finally exposed!
April 10, 2001

The back wall of the Hotel is taking shape!
May 16, 2001

A lot has happened since my last update!
July 9, 2001

Final Touchs to the Frontage (Power washing the Tower)
July 13, 2001

Painting above the Clock, Most outside work appears to be done!
Aug 3, 2001

Sorry for the delay in the update; take a look now!!!
Oct 22, 2001

My First visit to the DOD / Hotel complex !!!Dec 10, 2001 Update
I made my first visit to this facility on Dec 7, 2001. I was invited by CAFA to their Ceremony where Quinsigamond College was added to the membership, and Gov Jane Swift, Olen Bielski (CAFA Director of Business Dev), and Town officials presided. The group then toured the new DOD / Hotel facility and enjoyed lunch in the new facility.

Incredible Aerial photos of the site by Bob Arnold

Model of the Southbridge Hotel and Training center

Photo below of Actual Hotel and Conference Center

Image from

Info on the new Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

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