American Optical Ophthalmic Lens History


Download Printable pdf of above 1947 article

Misc accounts of early AO Lens making history- Bob McMaster selections New May 4, 2010
3.2 mb PDF file

Above  - Account of how Doc Tillyer arrived at the Corrected Curve concept in 1912

AO 1925 Lens Catalgoue (download excerpts)
Download complete Catalogue (48mb)

1926 Photo of AO's Worcester MA plant operation

AO Vision Magazine Cover - April 1940

AO's 1921 Article titled "The story in a pair of Spectacles"

How and why AO First made spectacle lenses

Excerpt from 1912 AO Publication - Spectacle and Eyeglass Lenses, Blanks, etc. - R.McMaster Collection

I Can Do It Better (1962 AO Brochure)

AO Low Vision Aids

AO's Ophthalmic Lens Designers

1959 AO Catalogue

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