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The Optical Heritage Museum is Now Open by Appointment
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Optical Heritage Museum


Past updates:

Museum Display at Southbridge Hotel- May - June 2009

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Video of the Museum in the AO Main Plant - 1997

The Optical HeritageMuseum Past Events

More about the AO Museum as it was prior to 2002

Shown below is the front of the original AO Museum Brochure, printed for the opening in 1983. This Museum was located to the right of the Marble Staircase in the AO Main Plant (now the Southridge Hotel and Conference Center). The collection is presently in storage, but plans are in the works to display Museum artifacts in the upcoming months. More to be announced soon!!!

From a 1983 Brochure handed out to all visitors




Should you have memorablia that might be of interest to add to the collection, feel free to contact me to discuss this further:

Dick Whitney : dickwhitney@charter.net

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