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May 16, 2004 Antique Appraisal Day
Fundraiser for the Museum at the Vienna

Darryll K. English appraises one of many intesesting Antiques brought in to find out its' value.
Paul Zotos (Southbridge Cable Access TV) films the activirties and is now being broadcast on Southbridge Cable Access TV - Channel  13.

Lisa Krach (co-ownner of the Vienna) is getting ready for the event,  with Southbridge Rudi & Son Wine importers getting ready to serve their great wines!
Thanks to Rudi and Son Wine Importers for their support of the Optical Heritage Museum.


Above are examples of newly restored Optical Heritage Museum photos, one example of how money raised will be applied.

Candidate Post Cards on display for the selection of the most popular. More on this later. Below is a description of what the day's events entailed.

Johnathan and Lisa Krach (Vienna) generously donate all moneycollected for the event to Dick Whitney (Optical Heritage Museum Curator)

On May 16, 2004 a Fundraiser was held at the Vienna to benefit the Optical Heritage Museum. I am pleased to report that this first fundraiser collected close to $1000 (including outside donations), with almost $700 raised on that day. Special thanks to the Krachs for their generously. Thanks as well to all showed their support.

How about you?
Call me (Dick Whitney) at 1-800-343-7678 ext 5077 to find out how you can help.

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