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60th Anniversary

Premier of Oklahoma in NYC was Oct 11, 1955
First Todd AO Film, process developed in Southbridge, MA

The premier of Oklahoma in NYC- October 11, 1955

Photo by Don Whitney

Original NYC World Premier Invitations courtesy of Rosemary Simonds


Above photo showing movie Oklahoma still courtesy of
The website link above is the definitive collection of information on Todd - AO

Text of 1985 Southbridge News Articles on the Todd - AO Project

What is Todd - AO? from Oklahoma Brochure

Todd AO April 1955 Article by Gordon MaCrae on the movie Oklahoma
4mb download

See Video of Todd AO / Walt and Lois Siegmund

 Courtesy of Thomas Hauerslev

Todd AO Case in the Optical Heritage Museum - come check it out


Todd - AO Wide Screen Projection System -
Top South Pacific Credits / Bottom Around the World in 80 Days
Photos Courtesy of Thomas Hauerslev

Find out more about Todd-AO in the New Book titled
"Motion Pictures:  Making of Cinema Magic

1955 Life Magazine Photos taken in Southbridge Ma
at the AO Research building with Mike Todd (with Cigar)

1954 Visit to Southbridge R&D - Mike Todd in light grey suit, Oscar Hammerstein 2nd from Right

See this view in 2012 - "Then and Now"

Check out this new link to more Todd AO Information / photos

Visitors from Denmark and Holland join Original Todd-AO Project Developers
Walter Siegmund (left of Camera Photo), John Davis and Brian O'Brien Jr. (1997 Photo). Also shown are Thomas Hauerslev (Denmark -Left), Willaim Bauwmeester (Holland), and Bob Throop (R).

 For more about wide screen projection and Todd AO, visit Thomas Hauserlsev's DP70 site:

This is the most comprehensive site on Todd-AO in existence.
The photos on this page (except for Don Whitney slide of the Rivoli Theatre), have been provided by Thomas.

Brian O'Brien Jr. (1997 Photo)

Spanish Poster courtesy of Thomas Boehm

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