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Harrington Hospital

as it appeared in a 1941 Postcard (submitted by Ruth Boniface),
a 1954 slide that Don Whitney took, along with a similar views
on Dec 26, 2000, April 2006, Nov 2006 and April 2007 with new addition

Postcard mailed in 1941 (Submitted by Ruth Boniface)

Postcard image from ~1940s - submitted by Michael LaFleche


Dec 2000

April 2006 - Above and below at start of new expansion project

April 2006

Nov 11, 2006

April 25, 2007

Harrington Hospital Main entrance - 1960
(Jan Whitney in photo by Dick Whitney)

Feb 2009 Dick Whitney photo of Angel Doors above old Main Entrance (visible in 1960 photo)

Optical Heritage Museum (AO Collection) slideof early HMH floor plan ~1934

Google Satelite View of Harrington Hospital Prior to the construction of the new building (to right of + helicopter pad)

Another HMH then and now entry

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